5 fantastic luxury hotels in Florence

Some cities are best explored on foot and Florence is certainly one of them. It is therefore important to choose one of the luxury hotels in Florence that is within walking distance of the attractions. Florence is a monument to the Renaissance, the cultural awakening during the 15th century, making this one of the largest artistic cities to visit in the world. Rich patrons and influential families like the Medici have drawn on the best talents in Italy to create the legacy we can enjoy today. Be enchanted by the sights of Florence and enjoy your stay in one of these select luxury hotels centrally located in Florence.

Casa Howard

More than a luxury guesthouse than a luxury hotel, the Casa Howard is housed in an elegant building and has just 13 elegant rooms and suites. The advantage is the private garden and the terrace where guests can relax after a day of sightseeing. Cozy and comfortable, Casa Howard is also one of the best boutique hotels in Florence, just minutes from Santa Maria Novella, the Duomo and the famous Ponte Vecchio.

Gallery Hotel Art

Those who visit Florence to appreciate the works of art and frescoes will appreciate the charm of the themed Gallery Hotel Art. Created by the famous designer Salvatore Ferragamo, it is a cosmopolitan boutique hotel that is a showcase of tasteful works of art. It is just 300 meters from the Duomo and a few steps from the Fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria. This design hotel beats most of the other luxury hotels in Florence with its thoughtful library full of art books for visitors.

Hotel Savoia

Fashionistas and drug addicts could be more affected by the Hotel Savoy, decorated with works of art from the designer fashion houses of Florence, with particular attention to shoes. The rooms are ultra comfortable and the service is first class as you would expect from one of the best contemporary luxury hotels in Florence.

Loggiato dei Serviti

This centrally located hotel in Florence's Piazza Santissima was a former 16th century monastery. Now it is an elegant boutique hotel offering 38 elegant rooms in typical Florentine style with exposed wooden beams and four-poster beds. The wealth of history found inside these walls brings out the Loggiato de Serviti from the other most modern luxury hotels in Florence.

Palazzo Magnani Feroni

Located in the heart of the old city of Florence, the exclusive Palazzo Magnani Feroni has only 12 selected suites in this 16th century palace. The building has preserved splendid frescoes and precious antiques to make a visit truly memorable from the moment visitors pass through the wrought iron door decorated with the Feroni emblem.

Hotel Grand Park Inn – The best budget hotel in Delhi

The Grand Park Inn Hotel is located in the heart of the city of Delhi. Being an economic structure, the Grand Park Inn Hotel Delhi offers decent accommodation at the best price. This cheap hotel in Delhi is a great place to stay while touring the capital. With warm hospitality and a welcoming atmosphere, this budget hotel in Delhi has won the hearts of many Indian and foreign travelers.

The Grand Park Inn Hotel in New Delhi offers cozy accommodations in its luxuriously furnished rooms, including suites. The simple and elegant rooms of this cheap hotel in Delhi are classified as Family Room, Standard Double Room, Twin Room, Triple Room and Suite. All rooms are equipped with modern technology so you can have a quiet while staying with us. Services such as 24-hour housekeeping with turndown service and other first-class, luxurious 24-hour services will make your stay comfortable and luxurious.

To dine and savor delicious delicacies, the hotel has excellent dining facilities in the dining room that can accommodate a total of 20 guests at a time. The hotel serves delicious traditional Indians in the menu along with various a la carte menus.

The Grand Park Inn Hotel in New Delhi also boasts a well-equipped conference room, ideal for official meetings, seminars, conferences and other social events. The conference room is equipped with first-class services to make your event a success.

Guests at this cheap hotel in Delhi are offered many other essential services and amenities at the Grand Park Inn Hotel New Delhi, such as laundry and dry cleaning services, express laundry service, car and minibus rentals, medical facilities, currency exchange , security lockers for deposits, fax and taxi service on call, free parking, reconfirmation of air tickets, airline ticketing, train booking, bus booking, 24-hour travel desk, drop & pick-up by rail, bus and airport on request and more.

How to make investments in hotels

The rise in global travel, particularly from the emerging market segments of India and China, is the reason behind the inexorable recovery in the hotel sector. Not surprisingly, hotel investment experts from all over the world are enthusiastic about this emerging trend. Hotel owners, operators and investors are quick to move on to new acquisitions. At the same time, it is also true that investments in the hotel sector are plagued by complications and risks. A huge amount of capital is at stake, which requires a meticulously planned move and enormous expertise on the part of the investor. Investors should rely on expert opinion before deciding on an investment. Below are some vital points that need to be rethought before paying money for investment in a hotel.


The property of the hotel, despite having a beautiful face, can be rendered unusable after concluding the business, due to reasons such as the pollution of the underground environment, the infestation of internal molds and structural damage from termites and rodents. Finalize the deal only after thoroughly reviewing the property. Authentication by an engineer to verify all the above conditions and to make sure that the property complies with the building codes is necessary.

Know your hotel management company

If you are thinking of hiring a hotel management company to take care of your business, make sure of its capabilities through various sources. Take a look at its operational performance and cross-check with other hotels it manages. Analyze its record in maximizing revenues and keeping expenses under control.

Analyze visitor segments

It is necessary that the hotel receives visitors from all segments such as commercial, group, business and leisure travelers. Hotels that depend on a single segment for their activities rarely go well during the whole year. On the other hand, hotels that derive visitors from different segments of travelers flow into other segments when a particular segment is slowing down.

Avoid depending on individual companies

Whether your hotel works because of visitors coming from a single activity, depends largely on the performance of that activity. The hotels that depend on the visitors of an airport, a company or an amusement park, can go crazy when these income-generating activities close the shop. For example, if the airport is moved, or the business changes location or the amusement park gets strong competition from a better one, it is still important that the hotel fire continues to burn.

Check the time when the hotel is in season

A hotel that has a season of at least eight months is an option that is worth considering. A shorter season than this period means that the hotel can only meet costs if it has a sufficient average rate during the season. It is also essential that the seasonal months are consecutive

Entrance barriers

There are some markets where it is easy to acquire land divided into hotels and build an accommodation facility. When funding rules are loosened, these markets see hotel overcrowding. In a market where there are obstacles to enter the hospitality sector for any reason, there is less chance of overcrowding or overcrowding. Therefore, it is always preferable to make an investment in a market where they are high.

Keep the terms easy

Don't overlook the possibility of selling the hotel. Plan your acquisition keeping this fact in mind. Design the management contract and the franchise agreement so that they can be easily resolved. Keep the flexibility intact by assigning or paying the loan in advance, purchasing partners and minimizing the tax exposure.

Choose the brand of your hotel carefully

Before marking your hotel, understand the implications of a brand and which segment of visitors it will attract. Established brands such as business hotels or leisure accommodation are safer than new brands that are still looking for identity.


These guidelines are not the key to the success of the hotel investment. But paying attention to these nuances before allowing money to change hands will surely reap rich dividends.

Discounted Florida hotels

If you're traveling on a tight budget in Florida and don't want to settle for a sleazy motel that rents cheap rooms but is located in a part of the city center, then discounted hotels are your next best option.

With the discounted hotel option you can get rooms starting at $ 50 a night, even in a double room. Some of the high-end hotels in the posh areas of the city also offer huge discounts. If you're lucky enough, some of the discounts can go up to 70% of the normal rates. However, these discount offers are at their best during the low season, when there are not many tourists in the cities.

Your web browsing ability can help you find a decent deal that includes all the services provided by a five-star hotel starting at $ 75 a night. This can include a luxurious room, a swimming pool, free meals and the possibility of using the gym.

While making these offers online, you need to be extremely cautious as numerous websites often display fraudulent information. They show photographs that presumably are hotels in which you are making the reservation but on arrival, the real hotel has little resemblance to that of the photographs.

It is a good idea to read unbiased reviews published by former clients before making any reservations, otherwise you may find that your vacation turns out to be quite disastrous. You may find that room service is extremely slow or that your room may not even have the basic equipment of a shower. The food could be bad and there could be a series of other hidden expenses that will only surprise you later in the bill.

So, for an experience that will leave you with fond memories, make sure you make your hotel reservations with extreme caution.

Five questions to answer before booking a hotel

Whether you are a frequent traveler or not, you surely know that preparing for a trip requires you to think ahead of a series of things. Perhaps the only part of planning a trip that really puts people on the limit is to book hotel accommodations anywhere from one person to the whole family. You always want to be sure of finding a great place to stay that has all the things you want. More importantly, you also want to make sure you are not in a position where you pay too much for your room.

It's no secret that finding a place to stay when you travel is easy enough to do. Watch television long enough and you will discover that a series of advertisements that you watch relate to finding good deals when you book a hotel room. Not surprisingly, our biggest fear is feeling like a drug when we think we've paid more for a room than someone else. Furthermore, if you are too busy feeling that you are being robbed of prices, you are not thinking of all the other questions you should ask.

Before booking a hotel room, be sure to ask yourself these questions:

When is the check-in / out? You would hate to be penalized or lose a room because you didn't know when to check in or check out from your hotel. Most hotels have this information noted on their website.

Are there discounts available? If you happen to have affiliations and subscriptions with certain organizations, you may be entitled to a break on prices for your hotel room. Any little help.

What kind of access to the services will I have? Strangely, some hotels may be a little weird about who has access to what. If you don't like extras, it's not a big deal, but if you think the services are part of the hotel experience, you might want to figure out what things you really want and see if your future hotel can meet these needs .

What is the Internet situation? Although we are used to the idea that everyone has access to the Internet, some hotels do not do it or pay for it. Ask yourself if you need it or not.

Does my potential hotel serve breakfast? It sounds like a small thing, but you might want a meal before you hit the bricks on your journey. A free breakfast is a great way to not only start the day well, but it also means that you don't have to spend money on a meal while you're out.

If you book hotel rooms regularly or not, it is important to ask these questions before making a last call about where you want to stay. Furthermore, travel experts are quick to note that for all the questions we ask ourselves about what we want from our travel arrangements, we are not very good at asking questions about the hotels we are considering. What do these experts believe are the best advice they can give on booking hotel rooms? Call the hotel directly. It is a lost art, but sometimes you will find that the possibility of establishing a human connection by phone will not only produce the answers you want, but you could actually get more useful information than you expected.

Children and hotels

Some hotels are suitable for families. That is, they have a pool, maybe a porch, a playground, things for children. Others may not be suitable for children, but all hotels have other guests who expect your children to behave well during their stay.

If you have a child who is involved in travel sports such as hockey, basketball or football, you know you spend a lot of time at the hotel. There are games, there are tournaments and probably the whole team (if not more teams) are all hosted in the same hotel. This is for many children. It's great because you can hang out with other parents, kids can go out with their friends and teammates, but there should be limits on what kids can do in and around the hotel.

For example, no other guest appreciates a band of children running along the corridors screaming at the top of their lungs. If you don't let your kids run around like that at home, why do they do it in a hotel? One other thing that strikes other guests is that quiet times are not respected. Just because you are away from home does not mean that you can act at any time of day or night.

Being in a hotel is a freedom, parents can go to the restaurant or bar while the children go to the pool, but even this is difficult as children should always be supervised in the water, regardless of their age. Even if the parents take turns in the pool, it is better than no supervision. Ideally, children should behave properly in the pool area, which means that they do not run, dive in shallow water and observe the rules of the pool. The same applies to the gym or fitness center if the hotel has one. This is for all guests to use, and if your child has a legitimate reason to be there, supervised, then it's great, but having a bunch of kids hanging out in the annoying gym for other guests is a no no.

For the most part, children and hotels are a great mix, and families are careful about rules, children are polite and quiet and all is well, it is when their area has allowed them to run in fear of problems arising. No one wants to be the one who is thrown out of a hotel, so respect the rules of fun for everyone.

What exactly is a boutique hotel?

In recent years, boutique hotels have become the most popular guest accommodation in the world. But the ironic fact here is that nobody knows exactly what the real meaning of the term is boutique & # 39; or why this term is used in relation to hotels and what are the advantages of staying in this type of hotel.

But the only thing that is very clear among hoteliers is the fact that they know exactly what qualities or features will make their hotel a boutique hotel. The first quality is none other than the size of the hotel. Is the number of rooms that should be present in a boutique hotel often questioned? According to the connoisseurs of this business, a hotel with no more than 100 rooms can be pompously called a boutique hotel.

The second quality or characteristic is the atmosphere of that hotel. It is firmly believed that the atmosphere is a very significant factor for any boutique hotel. Here, the definition of atmosphere is the sum of all the ethereal structures and services that make an exceptional stay. When used in the context of a boutique hotel, the term atmosphere includes furnishing, environment, personalized service, mentality of the hotel staff and, above all, a know-how on how all these can combine and create a sense of closeness between the guests which further add to the popularity of any hotel. According to "Boutique Hotels International", an atmosphere full of sense of intimacy is an indispensable factor for boutique hotels without which a hotel cannot be called a boutique hotel. The problem occurs when this atmosphere must be created without knowledge. In the hotel industry, intimacy is defined as professional care, professional warmth and personalized personalized services. Note that the word professional is included everywhere, which means that everything is handled in a very professional way. The term familiarity here means to call guests & # 39; with their name rather than with Sir or Madame, hugs, handshakes and others.

Another factor that every boutique hotel must have is great service. Let me explain the meaning of "great service". The staff of a boutique hotel should foresee or should know in advance the needs and requirements of their guests rather than respond only when asked to do so. Know what your guests want, when they want, how they want and present it this way just before time is what creates a big gap between good service and great service. That's why it is said that a boutique should have a great service.

Another very important factor for a boutique hotel called boutique hotel is its unique theme. A unique theme has become a very important factor and over time it is gaining more and more importance. This fact can be supported by the example that we can see different themes in every boutique hotel from New York to Washington. Original art works in the halls, designer bathroom facilities, free wine and champagne, guests' favorite CD collection, all of which are very important factors in making a hotel a boutique hotel.

With all these factors included, the definition of a boutique hotel could be, is an accommodation that makes their guests happy and content during their stay, makes them feel extraordinary, makes them understand that they should come back soon and makes them recognize that this hotel is worth worth discussing with others.

Effective ways to save on hotel bookings

In today's era, when everything has expanded globally and organizations around the world are taking an extra mile to serve communities around the world, traveling has become more important than ever. So, people started to consider travel as a part of everyday life to solve business purposes or to take a break from all the stress. In both cases, finding a suitable accommodation for your needs, your budget and your time has become a serious crisis and you are all wondering how to save that extra money on housing while traveling to an unknown place. To answer this question, this article found the most surprising ideas after consulting experienced travelers and doing market research to give you a final conclusion of effective ways to save money when booking a hotel. So, check the list below and make your getaways much more convenient and fun at the same time:

1. Timing is the key

Regardless of what you do, perfect timing covers half of your success and when you are planning a vacation, it's really important as you may be involved in a high demand or at a time when everything is closed. It is always important to keep searching for offers months in advance to make sure you get the perfect prices according to your season or take the opportunity to search for the last minute to get the rooms canceled at an affordable price. Moreover, with perfect timing, we intend to plan your vacation in a season that is neither peak nor heated when we talk about tourism and make sure you have everything in perfect weather conditions, less demand and more fun.

2. Comparison for the best offers

Most people these days turn to giant agencies or trusted agents to get their reservations and mostly end up paying more for trusting in the wrong hands. Experienced travelers often advise you to always compare prices between travel agencies and hotel groups to find the best deal and get bookings after finding what is best suited to your trip. There is an abundant number of renowned travel agencies and start-ups that allow you to book your seasonal hotel accommodation, special discounts and other offers available exclusively on the market to outshine others and give you a dream vacation you always have desired.

3. Looking for less important positions

Hotel accommodations located near important sites and attractions are more expensive than hotels and resorts located in other parts of the city. While the prominent location can give you the advantage of exploring the attractions within a few blocks, the hotels located further away are willing to offer you more at lower prices to get your attention and provide you with the best quality of stays. Hotels near the major landmarks and major resorts are often crowded during the seasons and require an early booking procedure that also pays a large contribution to higher prices. If you book your hotel room in places that are a little far from these important sites and are located in less important places, you will certainly find quality accommodation on lower floors.

4. Use of registrations

During payment or at the time of booking, we often forget to consider other sources that may be more advantageous to us and we often lose the opportunity to save a little more when booking a hotel stay . These days, when the organization is in the running to get your attention and your business, they also give you the privilege of getting cash back, discounts and other benefits and levers as you use their special and exclusive subscription options . Nowadays, many banks and card companies offer some special offers while collaborating with travel agencies and offer some cash-backs and transaction discounts of a certain minimum amount. The use of these offers can also give you some extra benefits to ensure further savings on hotel bookings.

5. Find what you actually need

In the hunger for finding the best accommodation option, we often tend to find hotel offers that provide everything and often pay more for services and amenities that we don't really need. Before booking a hotel with B&B, All Inclusive and half board options, always order your needs and think accordingly if you need these services or not. It is quite obvious that the more services you add in your hotel room, the more you will pay. So, always book for the things you need and try to avoid those services that you could use and you can get them if needed as an add-on.

Whenever you plan a vacation for yourself or with friends, you can find many other options like finding hostels, couch surf (not for all destinations), finding a person you know and more, but these concepts are not worthy when you are in business trip or vacation with family or loved ones. So, if you have decided to leave for your next vacation and take a step back in your decision after seeing the strong hotel prices, then all you need now is to examine these points effectively and consider them all before making your booking. Hotel to save a good luck. However, if you have thought about saving a little more, you can always also look for some seasonal flight offers.

Find cheap hotels in Las Vegas

Cheap hotels in Las Vegas are not hard to find when you look online to find the best hotel booking site to help you find the best Las Vegas hotel deals. Hotel booking engines usually offer customers the ability to view photos of different hotels, so they can have a good view of what to expect when they arrive at the chosen destination.

Guest ratings and guest reviews give customers the rather good or bad quality they should expect from several hotels that make the selection process. The highest possible star rating a hotel can receive is a five-star S rating. Cheap hotels in Las Vegas are normally rated 1 or 2 star, but it is very possible to find some hotel deals in Las Vegas at 3 or 4 star hotel.

Here is a list of cheap 4-star hotels in Las Vegas for less than $ 60 a night that offer customers great value for money.

Treasure Island
MGM Grand
Gold nugget
Hotel and casino in New York New York
Palms Place Hotel Spa
Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa
Eastside Cannery Hotel and Casino

Here is a list of 3-star hotels in Las Vegas for $ 45 or less per night that would offer great value for money for those on a tight budget.

Suncoast Hotel and Casino
Tuscany Suites and Casino
The Orleans Hotel
Hotel Sams Town and games room
Baymont Inn and Suits
Main Street Station Hotel
Candlewood Suites
Blue Moon Resort for gay men

When customers are looking for a hotel, they feel at home and comfortable. They want to put all their worries aside and enjoy their stay and trip to the hotel. There are times when customers describe how beautiful their experience and the different services available were or how nice and welcoming the front office was in responding to their needs. They can also read guests who have not had a good experience during their stay at the hotel. Some of the main things that are mentioned are that maintenance was not as high as the desk clerk was rude, or were responding slowly helping them with their needs. There are also times when things in the rooms do not work properly, the bed is not comfortable or there is a smell present throughout the room or in the hall.

Looking for special offers for Las Vegas hotels and booking hotels in advance can help make the price cheaper than trying to book reservations at the last minute. The location of the hotel is also something that many people consider in addition to getting closer to the action, which plays a significant role in choosing the right hotel. Websites that provide a lot of information such as hotel quality images, star ratings and guest reviews will greatly contribute to finding hotels in Las Vegas. It would do you good by doing some research before choosing your accommodation. This will help you know what to expect when you arrive at your destination.

Hotel near Bridgestone Arena – A guide to convenient hotels and transportation in Nashville

No trip to Nashville is complete without a visit to the Bridgestone Arena. It has opened over 13 million guests since it opened in December 1996. The main entrance is on the corner of Broadway and 5th Avenue. In the city center. Whether you are going for a concert or a game of Predators, you are probably interested in cheap hotels near the Bridgestone Arena.

While there is a garage, you may still want to stay in a hotel within walking distance. You can also take the MTA bus that connects the airport and a stop just a few steps away.

The Clarion Hotel Nashville – Downtown is a nice place to start your search as it is in close proximity to all the famous attractions of the city. C & # 39; a free shuttle that runs every 30 minutes if you need help to move.

Holiday Inn Express and Courtyard by Marriot are both affordable hotels near the Bridgestone Arena. The Hampton Inn & Suites in downtown Nashville is a good three-star hotel with free breakfast. If your budget will allow for a four-star hotel, then the Sheraton Grand, Union Station Hotel and The Westin are the best choices.

The downtown Hilton hotel is very popular and much appreciated by music lovers and sports fans. It offers more than 300 rooms of various sizes. If you are interested in renting apartments, Stay Alfred at 505 is less than a mile from the arena. Each apartment has its own kitchen with microwave and refrigerator. Another option is the Vanderbilt Midtown 318 E23.

Dates to avoid when looking for hotels near the Bridgestone Arena

Keep in mind that every time an important event occurs, hotel prices will rise. This is true for every city. For this reason, it is a good idea to book as early as possible. Rates will only increase as the date of the game or concert approaches. Check if you can use promotional codes or travel discounts to help you reduce the price.

Just because you're looking for hotels near the Bridgestone Arena doesn't mean you should forget the rest of Nashville. While you're in the city, you may also visit other attractions such as the Schermerhorn Symphony Center, the Nissan Stadium, the Johnny Cash Museum, the Hall of Fame and the Country Music Museum and the # 1 attraction in all of Nashville: the Grand Ole & # 39; Opry House. They don't call Nashville "Music City" for nothing.

Online websites are the place to look not only for hotels near the Bridgestone Arena, but also for Nashville and car rentals. Always be on the lookout for affordable vacation packages. Whenever you find a good deal, use only online coupons.