Choose luxury villas with pools over hotels when staying in Thailand

If you have decided to make Thailand your next vacation destination this year, you will need some help when deciding where to stay. Don't get me wrong, there is certainly no shortage of incredible places to stay, even if there is incredible, and then there is perfection. Why not indulge yourself in the latter and instead improve your holiday in an unforgettable life experience.

In this article, we will explore some different reasons why you should choose to stay in a luxury villa resort with private pool this year, rather than going to a hotel. Now, it is important to keep in mind that Thailand has some of the most wonderful hotels in the world. I'm not saying you won't enjoy yourself if you settle for a hotel. All I'm saying is that a luxury resort with a private pool is something else.

Take it from someone who has actually been there, done it, and got the Chang Beer Vest. I have lived in Thailand for the majority of 3 years and have every intention of returning before the year ends. I have stayed in all sorts of accommodations, believe me – I know what I'm talking about when I say that the luxury pool villas in Thailand are simply to die for.

I slept in a small beach hut of nothing but a futon on the floor, with only a frayed net and a wobbly fan to comfort me. And even then, I had the time of my life! So, you can imagine my exaltation the moment I set foot in one of the most beautiful and serene resorts I had ever seen …

You feel extra special

Whether you are staying in a rickety hut, a 3-star hotel or the best resort in Thailand; you will receive excellent service, of this there is no doubt – that's why they call it the land of smiles. Due to the unparalleled level of service that Thais have to offer – another reason to choose Thailand for your next vacation.

But there is something different when you stay in a luxury resort … you feel even more special. It's not so much the extra treatment you get, but the fact that you're not crowded in the one building. You have room to breathe and marvel in peace and quiet, something you won't be able to experience much if you stay like Bangkok.

You can truly immerse yourself in the serenity of nature

Yes, I know it looks mushy, but there is so much truth. When you are surrounded by nothing but lush emerald green foliage, beautiful fishtail palms and the relaxing sea breeze that spreads over the Andaman Ocean … you can't help but get involved in everything.

About 20% of Thailand is covered by mountains and hills; a staggering number when you think about how big the country is. It is a wonderful feeling, to be belittled by the splendid green giants. I found myself walking around smiling like an idiot most of the time, because you're constantly amazed at how beautiful Thailand really is!

Again, there are many wonderful hotels to choose from, although few can get you close to nature as one of Thailand's luxury private pool resorts.

Did anyone say PRIVATE POOL?

Don't forget, when you stay in a hotel you have to share the swimming pool with the other guests. Which is not that bad, as it is a great opportunity to make friends. However, if you ask me, I would prefer to make friends in the bar, not to get to know them while potentially floating in their pee!

No, I'd prefer my private pool, right? With only the extraordinary green foliage that spies on you in silence. If you consider that Thailand's temperature is 34 degrees during the summer, you will need it!

Even if you go in May and November, which is called the "rainy season", you will continue to observe temperatures of around 29 degrees (with even higher humidity levels). Having said that, once a storm arrives you better get out of the pool. . However, in the same breath, the view from your villa will be absolutely incredible. I sat down and saw many storms in Thailand unfold and it is one of the most impressive and spectacular events that can be witnessed. (As long as you're kind and dry of course)


When staying in a hotel, there is no guarantee who will be in the room next to you. Most of the time you will be fine, even if when you are hell and you are trying to breastfeed a Bloody-Mary in peace, but there is an army of screaming children jumping in and around the pool … well, you have got the idea.

And again, Thailand isn't really famous for its peace and quiet, is it? Believe it or not, there is a lot to appreciate, all you have to do is find the right place.

Hotel in London, England – The best place to stay

London, the capital of England, is the most urban area of ​​the United Kingdom. It is one of the world's leading financial, commercial and cultural centers and contributes to becoming a major global city. It houses four major world heritage sites and one of the largest developed areas in the world. Not only that, but London is one of the main tourist destinations in the world due to the many world-famous tours, parks, gardens, palaces and towers. Thanks to all these attractions, London hotels in England are well established to offer comfortable accommodation to tourists with different facilities and services.

There is no doubt that London is a well-developed city and attracts tourists from all over the world. In order to provide for the stay of tourists, there is an extensive network of hotels ranging from star hotels to budget hotels in London, to satisfy the taste and budget of every traveler. It is ineffable to describe the luxury for travelers in star hotels in London, England. The immediate service and warm hospitality of the hotel staff give visitors the feeling of family comfort.

Visitors to London can easily come across many London airport hotels, located near the airport. Most of these hotels include a beautiful garden and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy different types of English and international dishes. The range of services offered at these hotels is excellent. It covers a wide range of networks such as restaurant, bar, soundproof rooms; spa, sauna, swimming pool, etc. constitutes a long list. There are many hotels around tourist attractions that add fun to your trip. Travelers can find hotels through the map of hotels in London, which provides you with the full processing of hotels in London and their location.

This London hotel map allows travelers to decide in advance on how long the hotel will stay and to view the attractions of many tourists. All these decisions can be taken according to your needs. The traveler who visits London to explore the city can opt for some budget hotel or star hotel based on its convenience or near the places to be explored by him. A business traveler can seek the comfort of the other members or the facilities of various meeting and conference rooms offered.

The accommodation can be booked online through several agencies, which take the necessary arrangements for accommodation for tourists, who may be busy exploring the panoramic views of the city. This online booking website has helped travelers make arrangements in advance to save them from the hustle and enjoy the journey.

Find Durban North Accommodation

Durban North is the province of Kwazulu Natal in South Africa which offers the visitor a true experience to learn about South African culture. Right near the local beaches, the seas are wild and warm. Staying in a Durban North pension or in a B&B Durban North will position you ideally for this experience.

You will have the chance to learn about the local realm of Zulu. The province is densely populated – wise people, but it is easy and convenient enough to travel from here.
Reach Umhlanga's new major shopping centers or visit the downtown Durban hub. Visit the attractions of Durban and leave with a sense of well-being.

The local climate will refresh you, tan your skin and feed you. It is hot almost all year. Visits to the Zulu Kingdom will give you a sense of history and honor to the local population. They will teach you about South African and Zulu culture and they will also let you experience local tours.

It is also ideally located for business trips to Kwazulu Natal. Enjoy your scenery and local units while you live and see the intense lush nature of the area. Bright green plants are in abundance and grow prolifically everywhere. The gardens take off because of this climate. It is definitely worth your time and energy. Your Durban North guesthouse or your Durban North B&B accommodation will also recommend the best way to maximize your stay and find great restaurants.

Hotel near Via Veneto in Rome

Via Veneto, or Via Vittorio Veneto as it is officially called, is one of the most famous streets in Rome. Located in a convenient location in the heart of the city, the street was immortalized by one of the most famous Italian filmmakers, namely Federico Fellini, in his Oscar-winning drama "La Dolce Vita". During the sixties and seventies it was the most fashionable place in Rome, where all the most fashionable clubs, bars and restaurants were found.

During the 1980s, Via Veneto and its surrounding area stagnated until it found new life as home to some of Rome's most expensive and expensive hotels and, along with that, some of its most elegant restaurants and cafes. The street is home to the Cafe de Paris and the Harry's Bar, both places regularly frequented by many celebrities from Rome. The street is characterized by its covered cafes on wide sidewalks / sidewalks, which is a novelty in Rome, as well as by the splendid buildings and villas of the 19th century.

Below you will find three hotels in Rome near Via Veneto, ranging from a good standard 3-star hotel to a luxurious and luxurious 5-star hotel.

The 3-star Hotel Garda Roma is located in the area near Via Veneto and Piazza di Spagna. Many of the city's other attractions are easily accessible on foot or by subway. The hotel is housed in a typical Roman building & # 39; dating back to the 19th century and has 30 rooms in total. The rooms are clean and simply but comfortably furnished, so you can get the most out of your stay in the enchanting eternal city.

4-star Hotel Savoy in Rome is housed in a well-maintained Umberto style palace & # 39; building with its reserved and elegant facade, which was renovated in 1999. The hotel has an interesting claim to fame, since it was used in the filming of Ginger and Fred by Fellini. Originally built as a luxurious residence in 1886, the hotel has been completely renovated to offer a luxurious and comfortable environment with a combination of refinement and style.

The 5-star Ambasciatori Palace Hotel Rome is located directly on Via Veneto and was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The hotel was built primarily to satisfy the diplomats who visit nearby embassies and that is how the hotel took its name. Today, the Ambasciatori offers luxury rooms and services for the most demanding guests. The hotel also houses the famous & # 39; The Terrace & # 39; restaurant, which serves gourmet cuisine and opens onto a terrace overlooking Via Veneto.

Approximate distances from Via Veneto to many of Rome's attractions: Piazza di Spagna: 0.5 kilometers, Trevi Fountain: 1 kilometer, Piazza Navona: 1.6 kilometers, Colosseum: 2 kilometers and St. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican: 3, 0 kilometers.

Hotel Galapagos

Galapagos: Overview of the hotel
In the past those travelers who wanted to see the Galapagos Islands in a comfortable and stylish manner had to book a cruise on a cruise ship or a yacht, since the Galapagos hotels were too expensive and not very impressive. This is no longer the case. With improving tourism services in the Galapagos, there are now many excellent hotels to choose from on four different islands and many visitors choose to sleep on the ground and take day trips to visit the fascinating Galapagos visitor sites.

Hotel Galapagos: what you need to know

Not so long ago, there were relatively few hotels on the islands, but the recent tourism boom has led to an increase in hotels, restaurants, travel agencies and other visitor services. Now the question is: how do visitors choose the right hotel?

costs: Hotels in the Galapagos Islands are much more expensive than they are in the continental Ecuador. Expect to pay at least double what you would pay for a similar hotel in Quito, Otavalo or elsewhere. The cheapest of the cheap hotels costs at least $ 20 per person per night and the most expensive costs hundreds of dollars per night. There are many options in between, so a few tasks will help you find the right hotel.

Services and equipment to look for:

  • Conditioned air: The days are very hot in the Galapagos; The air conditioning is a must during most of the year. Most hotels have them, but not all, and some advertise it but the service is sporadic. Cheaper hotels will often have electric fans as an alternative.
  • Internet: Most modern hotels will have Wi-Fi and free internet for guests. Look for this if you use the Internet a lot, because internet cafes in the city are expensive and unreliable.
  • Ocean view: A nice thing about the Galapagos cruises is the weather on the water and the constant view of the ocean. Many hotels, especially the most exclusive options, offer ocean view rooms on request.

Galapagos city and their hotel

There are four cities in the Galapagos and there are accommodation options in each of them. Here's a quick look:

Puerto Ayora – Santa Cruz Island: Not surprisingly, the largest city in the Galapagos also has most of the options. There are many choices: the most expensive are on the waterfront or in the highlands, while the economic choices are a couple of dusty roads back from the water. Puerto Ayora is probably the best place to stay, as it is centrally located, has a number of restaurants, is known for good dive shops and is close to numerous visitor sites such as Los Gemelos.

Puerto Baquerizo Moreno – San Cristobal Island: the capital and the second largest city, Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is a little more relaxed than Puerto Ayora. There are fewer hotels and restaurants and luxury accommodations are limited, but there is still some choice. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno is also close to some good sites for visitors and diving.

Puerto Villamil – Isabela Island: Puerto Villamil is a very small city and the accommodation options are new. Most hotels tend to be cheap or expensive, and so far there is not much choice in the mid-range.

Puerto Velasco Ibarra – Floreana Island: this city is so small that it is better called a settlement: only a handful of people live there. Here the options are limited, but the island is a favorite.

Privileged information revealed when using a booking portal for accommodation

Although it is very useful to visualize lists of numerous lodgings available in hotels and villas within a booking portal, which also allows you to view reviews, ratings and easy-to-read prices, it would be wise to learn more about more precise information than you will really get the real cost of it. Whether it's a short or long-term vacation, it's worth finding the right accommodation, avoiding any disappointment when you arrive at your destination accommodation.

Most of the booking portal lists do not readily reveal the additional costs, unless the fine print is deepened. For example, there may be additional costs for local or national taxes, bed linen, fuel consumption or even cleaning of the villa itself. If you went directly to the advertiser himself, you may find these additional costs more clearly displayed on their website or on their booking form. This also applies to redeemable deposits.

There is limited space on the results page of the booking portals, so what you see is a low price and little in terms of extras. The programming is geared to get a conversion as quickly as possible, so see short notices that refer only to a left or 3 people looking at the accommodation or 2 people have just booked this. Don't be fooled into having to make a quick decision and book quickly, but get to the small print of the list and then copy it, in case the terms and conditions change or the extras are changed between your booking and the final payment be taken. It has been reported in the media that, as you see, for example, no penalty is charged for booking a hotel, but then it is discovered that it was charged at the time of cancellation.

Useful tips and money savings;

1. These multi-list booking portals that offer hotel and villa accommodation tend to be listed in the top 3 of Google's advertised search results, so you can pay to look further down the page or search results pages for see what small niche companies can offer, so it is possible to view many more details and photos.

2. Booking portals tend to charge a 15% commission to their accommodation providers for hotel or villa clients, so by doing some research yourself you may find a promotional code that gives you a discount on the same accommodation, thus saving money on the your reservation. Direct booking with the accommodation provider may allow you to get a discount or upgrade simply because the 15% commission charged should not be spent by the provider. If you simply type the name of the hotel or villa, with the location, which the booking portals show in the search bar, it is therefore possible to more easily identify the same accommodation and book directly with the supplier.

3. Some booking portals simply transmit the details of your credit card to the hotel or to the villa operator, so it is important to establish direct contact with the accommodation provider and make sure you have the number of booking, secure dates, contact details and directions to reach the accommodation. It is very important to connect directly with the supplier, not only with the booking portal.

4. If you are looking for a longer stay in a villa, you can negotiate a better price than the one listed, which is not something you can do with the main booking portals.

5. You would like to make sure that your villa is not replaced due to a double booking, so by going directly to the hotel or to the villa operator you can be sure that this possibility is avoided.

6. Any questions on accommodation are addressed to the accommodation provider, as the booking portals do not know the accommodation itself.

7. Do not show the booking form at the hotel, as a receptionist at the hotel can access the portal account and leave incorrect reviews. Definitely show the reservation reference number.

Seven secrets to finding great hotels in Brenham

If you happen to travel to the state of Texas and you happen to find yourself on I-35, I-45 or I-10, you probably found yourself wondering where you can stop for the night while traveling. Fortunately for you, there is a city hidden in the triangle created by these particular arteries (perhaps the busiest in the Lone Star State) called Brenham, in Texas. And if you stay in one of the Brenham hotels, you'll do yourself a favor.

Brenham is truly the heart of Washington County, an area of ​​Texas that is perhaps the most significant part of the history of the state. Brenham is small (an area of ​​about nine square miles), but in the last five decades it has doubled its population. As it is home to Blue Bell Ice Cream and is a great mid-point for those traveling between Austin and Houston, Brenham is perhaps the best idea of ​​a nice reminder of life in a small Texas town with pomp in big cities a short drive away. .

Brenham is home to some of the most stunning arts and entertainment found in Texas, which bring emerging artists to the public, as well as an unconventional way for nationally renowned artists to showcase their work. There is also a growing art scene that caters to all ages, so it's always a show or a concert to try. For lovers of outdoor life, there is golf, horse riding and cycle paths. Brenham also has an extraordinary closeness to the award-winning wine producers of Texas and is seen as the epicenter of the bluebonnet region of central Texas.

With so much to offer, there's no doubt you'll try to book a trip as soon as possible. The question remains: where are you staying?

Don't sweat. If Brenham is the next place to visit on your list, here are seven secrets to finding a great hotel for your stay:

Web search – In this day and age, it is the first place to start looking. Even if Brenham is small, you will find many results.

Online reviews – Tourism is an important sector, so all the accommodation options in the city are trying to stand out.

Change your search terms – Because Brenham has a wide variety of travelers, their hotels meet many needs, even if you are traveling with a pet.

Outside the box – Maybe you're actually visiting a bigger city but you don't want to deal with the traffic and noise of big cities. Looking for a hotel in Brenham that is close enough to be far enough is the way to go.

Site of state tourism – Checking the official tourism website in Texas is a very simple way to find out what is available in terms of accommodation.

City website – In the same vein, go directly to the source. The search on the official website of the city of Brenham offers you information not only about places to stay, but provides you with a basic breakdown of city events.

Council of Rooms and Visitors – Brenham also has one of the simplest websites related to tourism. Knowing the hotels and everything the city and the county have to offer visitors is just a click away.

Wondering if you'll find hotels in Brenham? This is actually the easy part. See you soon!

Finding the right accommodations can make – or break up – your next vacation

Holidays are those good times of the year when you can free yourself from the shackles of life and relax without feeling defeated by everything you have to do from day to day. Even the holidays are fantastic because you have the chance to really immerse yourself in an environment that is a bit home from home but that makes you feel much more "peaceful": your accommodations.

In other words, where you choose to stay during your holidays can really add to the fantastic impact of your time away from it all. Also, if you stay in a terrible room during your vacation, you may come to fear of "coming home" during your free time, and this may be the saddest way to spend your holidays. You have to take the time to find the right place to stay when you're off the grid.

But how exactly do you make sure you have the right place in mind? Use the Internet as it is the most powerful tool consumers have when it comes to making choices about the things they want most. Today, almost every hotel has a website. Not only should you be able to find information on rates, but you should also have an idea of ​​the organization and layout of their rooms. Some provide images while others provide projects. You should also be able to see what kind of services are offered. Remember, you're trying to create a "home away from home" and, in doing so, you have to feel like you're really comfortable.

Likewise, being able to see what your accommodations can offer can help you understand if they can provide the kind of environment that can be refreshing and allow decompression after a long day of vacation activity. This can be a very personal matter as only you know how you and your loved ones can really feel comfortable after a long day. Perhaps you are the most suitable with a little time each other, or maybe you just need access to wi-fi. Having a game plan for how you want to end the day can be crucial in deciding if certain accommodations can work for you.

Finally, it is important to remember that the holidays are all about fun and excitement. Sometimes, this fun and excitement can result from his absolute killing when ticking off all the elements of your itinerary of the day. For others, it can mean being able to "look" and decide to fly near the seat of your trousers for unplanned fun. Holidays are about being in the moment and trying new things. Your accommodations should allow for some alternative excitement in case you wake up and decide that it is a type of "sit back and relax" day. What is more, if Mother Nature decides that you have to stay "at home", do you have enough to do on the spot to still have fun?

We really don't want to think about things that could make our holidays go wrong, but unless you take the time to think about everything, especially your accommodations, you could very well spend your holidays wishing nothing more than to go home. You deserve better.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday at the Luxury Park Grand London Paddington Hotel in the UK

Guests staying in London will want to be in the city center to easily reach attractions and the business center. The best place to book is the Park Grand London Paddington hotel which is ideally located in the heart of the English capital. The accommodation is close to many famous landmarks and transport links that allow tourists to move easily around the city. The four-star residence is perfect for families, large groups and couples on a romantic journey. The luxury hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Paddington and is a total paradise for guests who return after a day of sightseeing or work. This is an ideal destination for a weekend in the city of London.

The Park Grand London Paddington hotel has excellent rooms and suites that offer modern amenities like telephones, flat-screen televisions with satellite channels and free Wi-Fi. The living spaces have useful features such as a safe, a hairdryer and an iron. The lovely en-suite bathrooms are large and in the suites there are soft bathrobes and slippers. Travelers will appreciate the free chilled water and fresh fruit available in the living spaces. They will also love the high quality beds for a good night's sleep during the trip. The residence is perfect for resting during a vacation in the wonderful city of London.

There are many fantastic boutique hotels in Paddington but this offer is great for his diligent staff members. They offer a range of excellent services such as a 24-hour reception and tour and ticket assistance. There is a helpful concierge who will help you resolve any problems during the holidays and guests should definitely try the fantastic room service. The residence has a first-class gym with modern equipment for high-level training. There are many restaurants in the area to visit, but even the locals on site are really impressive.

The Atlantic restaurant has tasty cuisine and is known for its delicious buffet breakfast which is a great way to start the day. The Atlantic bar is a charming place to visit with snacks and cocktails, ideal for business meetings or to spend time with other tourists. Working visitors will love the brilliant business center of the hotel and its wonderful Club Lounge. There is free Wi-Fi which is ideal for travelers, whether for business or personal use to be able to check e-mails or search where they want to go. The accommodation is a wonderful place to stay that is completely luxurious and in a great location.

London has many incredible attractions that are right next to the hotel, including Kensington Palace, the Parliament and the Tower of London. Shoppers can venture into Knightsbridge, Oxford Street and Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill during the journey. The museum district of Kensington is just around the corner, as is the beautiful green space of Hyde Park, which is a lovely destination for a bike or boat ride on the Serpentine River. Guests can also watch a musical or play in the nearby theater area based in the bustling West End. Paddington subway and above ground stations are nearby and allow guests to easily move to London. This transport stop also provides a quick connection to the airport via the Heathrow Express service.

Tips for getting the most out of your hotel accommodation

Many people ask how to get the most out of your hotel stay when you travel for work or for work? Of course, everyone wants to find a happy balance between budget and overall quality of the stay.

When you are looking at different hotel offers, your attention should start with the overall experience you want to get. The budget should arrive a little later. However, when choosing between these accommodations, you should keep in mind that you will always get what you pay for, you can't expect luxury if you have a tight budget.

Why is it important to look at the total experience before the price? You can always get a lower price with a hotel, but sometimes you can spend too much due to some hidden costs. For example, the base price to be paid may actually be lower, but the rate does not include parking, Internet connection or perhaps breakfast or other meals. In another scenario, you may pay a lower amount for your accommodations, but your fuel costs may increase because the location of the hotel is far from the areas you want to go.

Another great way to get the best deal on your accommodations is to check the hotel website before booking. This will allow you to get the best rates that are often not available on other websites. Checking a hotel website is also a good way to find out what you can expect from your stay. Furthermore, the reviews left by previous visitors can give you an idea of ​​the experience that the hotel can offer. Finally, check the hotel website to help you plan your itinerary. Most hotel websites offer visitors advice on local places of interest that can be consulted.

One last piece of advice that can help you get the most out of your hotel stay is to talk to the staff. The staff members of the hotel are often ready to provide guests with exceptional service and help in their own way. For example, if you're not sure where the best restaurants are, a friendly conversation with the hotel staff can take you to some of the city's best kept secrets. Sometimes, they can take you to unknown places that will add the spice to the entire trip.

If you really want to make your stay comfortable and hassle-free, make sure you put a premium on the overall experience you want to get. The price should be a secondary factor to consider later. Follow these tips and you will surely have a memorable stay in your chosen hotel.