Seven secrets to finding great hotels in Brenham

If you happen to travel to the state of Texas and you happen to find yourself on I-35, I-45 or I-10, you probably found yourself wondering where you can stop for the night while traveling. Fortunately for you, there is a city hidden in the triangle created by these particular arteries (perhaps the busiest in the Lone Star State) called Brenham, in Texas. And if you stay in one of the Brenham hotels, you'll do yourself a favor.

Brenham is truly the heart of Washington County, an area of ​​Texas that is perhaps the most significant part of the history of the state. Brenham is small (an area of ​​about nine square miles), but in the last five decades it has doubled its population. As it is home to Blue Bell Ice Cream and is a great mid-point for those traveling between Austin and Houston, Brenham is perhaps the best idea of ​​a nice reminder of life in a small Texas town with pomp in big cities a short drive away. .

Brenham is home to some of the most stunning arts and entertainment found in Texas, which bring emerging artists to the public, as well as an unconventional way for nationally renowned artists to showcase their work. There is also a growing art scene that caters to all ages, so it's always a show or a concert to try. For lovers of outdoor life, there is golf, horse riding and cycle paths. Brenham also has an extraordinary closeness to the award-winning wine producers of Texas and is seen as the epicenter of the bluebonnet region of central Texas.

With so much to offer, there's no doubt you'll try to book a trip as soon as possible. The question remains: where are you staying?

Don't sweat. If Brenham is the next place to visit on your list, here are seven secrets to finding a great hotel for your stay:

Web search – In this day and age, it is the first place to start looking. Even if Brenham is small, you will find many results.

Online reviews – Tourism is an important sector, so all the accommodation options in the city are trying to stand out.

Change your search terms – Because Brenham has a wide variety of travelers, their hotels meet many needs, even if you are traveling with a pet.

Outside the box – Maybe you're actually visiting a bigger city but you don't want to deal with the traffic and noise of big cities. Looking for a hotel in Brenham that is close enough to be far enough is the way to go.

Site of state tourism – Checking the official tourism website in Texas is a very simple way to find out what is available in terms of accommodation.

City website – In the same vein, go directly to the source. The search on the official website of the city of Brenham offers you information not only about places to stay, but provides you with a basic breakdown of city events.

Council of Rooms and Visitors – Brenham also has one of the simplest websites related to tourism. Knowing the hotels and everything the city and the county have to offer visitors is just a click away.

Wondering if you'll find hotels in Brenham? This is actually the easy part. See you soon!