The Swiss Hotel Chicago is one of the best hotels you'll find in the metropolis

The Swiss hotel in Chicago is actually Swissotel, but people call it Swiss Hotel. It could be the best place to spend a weekend with your friends or to celebrate New Year. It is located right at the end of Upper Wacker and at the beginning of the lake. The positioning is perfect and the view is absolutely superb.
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I made the decision to visit Chicago with my local friends over the weekend and booked a couple of rooms at the Swissotel. The moment we arrived there, the parking attendants opened our doors and led us to the lobby which was very warm and welcoming.
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I was pleasantly surprised by the details like a children’s check-in area or free cupcakes. The receptionist gave us our keys and then we all left for the rooms. The moment I entered my room for the first time I noticed how big and relaxing it was and my friends were already thanking me for the great choice I made. Well, the nice surprises weren’t over yet. The bathroom was large, elegant and had both a bath and a shower which was great. The rest of the services were also of high quality.
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Since we arrived later in the day and we were also tired, we all decided not to leave the hotel on the first day. Alternatively, we decided to review the hotel facilities. We all loved the fully equipped fitness, the large and quiet pool and of course the sauna.
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We also had time to enjoy the views of Chicago that were completely beautiful. The staff treated us very kindly and we were all very satisfied with the fantastic services offered by the employees of the Swiss hotel.
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Since we were all hungry, we choose one of the two fantastic restaurants offered by the Swiss hotel. The food was good and so were the workers. Before going to bed we spent a couple of hours in the cocktail lounge in the lobby. The Swiss hotel Chicago offers an excellent accommodation and I suggested it to all friends and neighbors.

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